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George Novik

HeroFit's gamification approach is genius and helped me track my progress in a fun way.

Exercising consistently is hard

80% of New Year's resolutions fail in 2 months...

Set a goal
"I want to lose weight"
"I want to go gym 3x a week"
Try your best
Buy new shoes
Get gym membership
But life doesn't change...
“I'm not motivated”
“I forget my new habit”


Make workouts fun

Choose your workout avatars 🏋️ amongst 37 characters.
Track your progress to gain XP and level them up!

3 workout avatars


Never miss your goal

If you don't stick to your goal, your avatar loses XP and shrinks...
A good reason to put on your workout shoes!

workout leaderboards

social accountability

Climb leaderboards

The more XP you earn, the higher you rank in your league. Get that 🥇 golden medal!

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HeroFit Live stream with Marc Lou

This app was built on a live stream on Youtube. Massive thanks to...

By Marc
Marc Lou